Checkin Foursquare Quickly with One Tap Checkie app For Android & iPhone


Foursquare is a fun application that allows you to checkin at places you visit and earn badges, reward points etc. Its a fun location based social app that grabs your current location using your phone’s GPS and shows places around you, so that you can checkin and let your friends know that you’re at the current specific location. So each time you checkin at places, you get reward points, innovative badges etc. It has a leaderboard that displays your points contending with your friends. Now, if you’re a Foursquare addict, who uses lot of foursquare to checkin at places you visit, then here is a app that helps you to quickly checkin at places. Normally you need to open foursquare, search for places around you, click specific place and then checkin. But this app cuts the lengthy process and does the job quick.

Before I get into reviewing this app, here are few articles that I wrote earlier : Is Foursquare dangerous ? because using foursquare extensively lets other people strangers know each and every move of yours leading to risk for mugging or other assault. Also a third party app when integrates with Foursquare does a beautiful work, for example : You can send automated phone calls to your mom when you checkin at your office or home or wherever !

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Now coming back to our topic : How to quickly do a foursquare checkin ? It reduces the 5 steps to checkin on Foursquare. With just two taps, you can checkin foursquare places. Saving you time. The drawback of this app is, you cannot send out your checkin to social networking sites like twitter, facebook. Neither you can leave a shoutout, tip, add photos etc. So these are some major drawbacks of this app. But if you want a quick checkin, this app wins. I understand, the main use of Foursquare is to find about the place, reviews, tips, photos and maps to find the address, phone numbers etc. But, for a frequent checkin place, you can use this Checkie app that fires up your foursquare checkin.

Once you’ve installed the Checkie app, allow it to authorize with your foursquare account.

Now it’s done and you’re ready to do fast checkins.

It has a simple interface with a Google maps on top and list of places around you.

When you open the checkie app, it loads the venues around you.

Just click it and done ! You’ve checked into the venue.

As said earlier, major drawback is you cannot add shoutout, share the checkin on social sites twitter, facebook or you cannot add photos to your foursquare checkins. Also you cannot view any tips, reviews etc. Just checkin only !

The app is available on both platforms Android and iOS. Download it from App store, Google play.

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