Bitrix24 : Social Communications and Collaboration Management Tool

Advertisement provides small companies with easy access to a corporate intranet through a comprehensive cloud-based intranet platform. Companies made up of 12 or fewer employees can take advantage of the free basic package and larger companies and purchase the standard or premium packages at very affordable prices. The social intranet is already installed and setup, meaning you just have to download it and won’t have to spend hours deploying it.

Bitrix24 has several things in common with Facebook – users have access to a wall or activity stream where they can connect with other employees by taking part in discussions and voting by ‘liking’ workgroups, ideas or documents. There is also a corporate instant messaging service and a photo gallery available. These are the only characteristics that Bitrix24 shares with Facebook.

One of the most useful modules offered by Bitrix24 is a free CRM (Customer Relationship Module) which features a prospect and client database that can easily be categorized by events such as a meeting or phone call. This is followed by the sales funnel which separates clients into several easily manageable groups – cold prospects, initial contact with client, quote request, scheduled meeting, negotiations and sales, for example. The setup of the sales funnel is completely customizable and can be adapted to suit the needs of the company. Bitrix24’s comprehensive CRM allows businesses to interact with clients easily by allowing emails to be sent to groups of people, as well as importing and exporting client data. Bitrix24 can also be setup to automatically import site-generated leads into the CRM.

Another valuable module is document management, which enables you to store, edit and collaborate on various documents with other employees in the company, as well as limiting access to the documents by making them private or shared. Bitrix24 is also capable of tracking version history so you can revert to previous versions of documents if you need to. The WebDav tool within Bitrix24 allows you to map one, several or all of your document libraries to a network drive on your local machine in only 2 clicks, so whichever operating system you use – Windows, Linux or MacOS – you will be able to access the documents locally.

Bitrix24 also includes useful planning and task/project management modules which feature work reports, meeting scheduler, time management tools, calendar, absence charts, customizable to-do lists and Gantt charts to monitor project progress. These modules also give you the option of dividing employees into groups and assigning each individual within a group access rights. The access rights can be personalized to suit your needs, such as managers being able to view the work reports of their subordinates only, whilst the vice-president is able to view the work reports of all employees.

Companies which outsource projects or regularly use external contractors/freelancers can easily add independent workers into workgroups and give them access to the corporate intranet, as well as restricting access and rights if needed. can also be accessed on the go through various devices, including Android, iPad and iPhone.

As previously stated, offers a free basic package for companies comprised of 12 employees or fewer. Larger companies can purchase the standard package for $99 per month which can be used by any number of employees. stands out above other intranet services because whereas most charge extra for every new employee, Bitrix24 doesn’t since it is a cloud-based service with a large amount of storage available. A third premium option is available for $199 each month and as well as an unlimited number of users, this package also offers extras such as added storage and a domain name.

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  1. Marianna Mills says:

    I have not used, so I can not say anything about this system, but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews. We are a small company, IT and use the product of collaboration, you can try it, maybe it suits you. Or you can look at other systems.

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