See How Easily You Can Create Custom Ringtone For Free


On the past we had seen lot of Free Mp3 cut tools online, converting YouTube videos into Mp3 songs, custom ringtone maker tools etc. Today we have small tool to play around with mobile ringtones. This tiny windows application does the work perfectly with clear user interface. I should say, best ringtone maker app. You can cut specific tune bit from the full MP3 song and make ringtone app.

Before I explain about the ringtone maker app, here are few apps to make ringtones that we discussed in the past.

Online Mp3 Cutter , Ringdroid Android app , Brinked Ringtone maker , Android Ringtone maker , iPhone 4 Ringtone Generator

Featured Tools to Create Custom Ringtones for Free

FriedCookie’s Ringtone maker app for Windows is one of the best ringtone maker I’ve ever used. Because, it has got clean user interface and damn easy to use. Just drop the mp3 file, select the part which you want it to be your mobile ringtone and move to the next step to make it as a ringtone for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and more.

Tutorial to Make Ringtone App :

1. Download and install from FriedCookie’s product page.

2. Drag and drop the Mp3 music file.

3. Now move the sliders to trim your song. It allows you to cut only upto 30 seconds. Because that’s how mobile ringtone works !

4. Select your phone type to convert the mobile ringtone.

5. Select the output folder and save the ringtone. that’s it !

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