15 Creative Brainstorming Tools For Free


When you need new ideas or to generate list of possibilities for a particular action, then brainstorming is the best way. Brainstorming can clear the confusion which is spread across the problem which cannot be logically derived. There are lot of online brainstorming management tools and tutorials on how to mind map effectively. Today we are going to list out some creative brainstorming tools.

How to make a good mind map ? Using online tools and mind mapping softwares, you can creatively brainstorm ideas for your business. With little help from online mind mapping tools, you can create a great visual mind map in real-time with collaborative brainstorming. Follow the list below to find out the best and useful mind mapping tools around the web.

Spiderscribe :

Spiderscribe allows you to learn about mind mapping note taking method where you can use mind mapping tools to take notes, documents with support images, events, location maps etc. A nice site for brainstorming and mind mapping. It just helps you to organize your ideas by connecting your notes, documents, images, events, map etc. All the maps and stuff are stored in cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. It also supports collaborative brainstorming for business plan users.

Just sign up for free and start creating your mind map. You can drag text note and add it also word doc files, PDF, location maps, pictures, calendar events and more. Once you’re done, you can make the mind map into Public, private or public with the link (so any one who has the link can access to it). Simple tool, easy user interface and any one can use it. Try it yourself.

My Simple Surface :

My simple surface is just like your big white board to organize things. It’s just similar to the white board. The interface is blank and has few tools that is more enough, gives room to your ideas. You can try My simple surface without any registration, but in order to save your mind map, you need to register it. It’s completely free.

Just sign up for free, double click a surface to start creating an item. Right click that item to add color, type, shape, branches and other customizations. You can zoom in/out your surface and finally save it. You can also even Sync with your google tasks or calendar or other third party site.

Education Eye :

You can brainstorm with this visually engaging site. Its more than a simple brainstorming tool. It’s a searchable, browsable space which leads you to discover new and exciting innovations tailored to the education industry and brought together in one easy-to-use location. You get to learn, explore lot of new ideas, case studies etc. You can read, favorite them and also submit if you have any.

Popplet :

Popplet is the best app for creating visual ideas. You can create galleries, record thoughts, collaborate together and explore ideas. Simply register, select a background color and double click the layout to start creating mind maps. You can customize the way you want, add pictures, change colors, size, etc.

Bubbl.us :

Bubbl.us is a free web application that lets you brainstorm online. It is very easy to brainstrom with Bubbl, just create bubbles by clicking inside a bubble and pressing the Enter or Tab where you need them. You can undo, drag n drop or even zoom using your mouse wheel. You can change bubble colors and prioritize the works. You can embed your mind map on your blog / website and also share it with your friends. You can email it to your friends or save it as an image.

BluMind :

Blumind for Windows is a free mind mapping software that allows you to edit and view mind maps. You can easily create free mind maps and export it as image files in PNG, JPEG and several other image formats. You can also export it as a text file. Blumind has different themes and you can customize your map in different colors and fonts. It gives you the power of total customization. You can find it very useful if you’re planning things.

LucidChart :

LucidChart toolbox has tons of tools to create, manage online diagrams. You can also create and upload your own images to use in diagrams. With a Team account, you can share those images with other members of your organization. LucidChart has a in-built collaboration tool in real time, You can see at the bottom of the application you will find the Collaboration Bar. Here you’ll be able to manage your collaborators – set their access level as either owner, editor or viewer, add or delete collaborators, and check on invitation status. Group chat is built into the editor.

Diagrammr :

This is totally a fun app. Impressed me in the first attempt. You don’t have to drag objects, show arrows. Just type the sentence and it will draw the diagram for you. Just type down what’s in your mind, it will map it automatically. For example : I typed : A loves B, B loves C and A loves C. Check the diagram screenshot below. You need to just type down whats in your mind. You can change the size of the diagram, layout and also embed them to your website easily.

Mindomo :

Mindomo is a mind map software that is available across all platforms including mobile OS like Android, iPhones etc. You need to install the desktop air version on your Windows or Mac or Linux and start creating mind maps.

Mindmeister :

It’s one of the leading mind mapping software online that allows you to create unlimited mind maps, 6 types of export formats, offline access too. Try yourself the demo version of Mindmeister here.

Thinklinkr :

Thinklinkr is the perfect tool to run meetings, kick-start brainstorming, and energize lectures.

Primary Wall :

PrimaryWall is a web-based sticky note tool designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

Edistorm :

Edistorm is a online brainstorming and planning tool with sticky notes and more features. You can discuss and organize ideas from multiple locations. You can create, delete storm, vote for ideas, discuss and comment on ideas, export the ideas in PDF or excel sheet.

Mind42 :

Mind42 ? Isn’t 42 the answer to life, universe and everything ? That’s what Mind42 does with mind mapping. You can keep track of all your ideas in a collaborative environment. Completely online browser based and nothing to install in your computer.

Exploratree :

Exploratree is a free web resource where you can access a library of ready-made interactive thinking guides, print them, edit them or make your own. You can share them and work on them in groups too.

Threddie :

Threddie (thread) lets you brainstorm using a post-and-comment system everyone’s familiar with. Just start a brainstorm, add a briefing and some topics, then invite people to discuss. Check the demo question I posted. You can answer them here.

Slickplan :

Slickplan is a website planning tool. You can create how you want the website to be by adding colors, customize it and share it with your social media friends and get feedback. You can collaborate, communicate directly on the project page to get feedback.

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  1. Jeff Lunt says:

    Thanks for the list – I’ve been thinking a lot about brainstorming apps recently. Seems like mind mapping and diagramming are especially hot these days, as I swear there’s a new tool every month or so.

    You might also like this tool, “cortex”: http://cortex.karmanebula.com

    It’s a scratch paper replacement for written/typed notes. You can drag-and-drop the thought boxes to re-order, and collaboratively vote between people anonymously. There’s a demo video here: http://youtu.be/kxsRrR7AD14

  2. John @ Hanging Hyena.com says:

    This may sound crazy, but I find tools like this better for communicating ideas than germinating them. If you are working with a large team, then they are a great way to get 10 people thinking similarly.

    I do most of my brainstorming using 8 1/2 x 11 paper (blank white copy paper) and a #2 pencil – sharpened the old fashioned way. It’s almost a ritual. Each page is drawn and redrawn until correct – I use this for UI design, marketing strategy, mathematics, etc. This usually occurs after taking a long walk to get my thoughts in order.

    I originally tried this after an executive training program at a major company (GE) where the instructor commented that the brain frequently shuts down when you see a computer – vs. you get a more natural flow of thought from drawing/writing by hand and/or walking around. That’s how we humans used to think, 50K years ago – it’s hard to argue with your biology…

    Closing comment – a couple of years ago, I was part of a large restructuring program at a company owned by a private equity firm. As we were heading to a pivotal meeting with the senior partner of the firm, with a net worth in the hundred of millions, his local representative walked in my office and dropped off the notes from his boss. Handwritten, 20 pages, describing (using lists, tables, and simple graphs) a strategy for blowing up and reshaping a billion dollar sales organization. Clean, crisp – handwritten on plain 8 1/2 x 11 paper with no corrections or edits – concept by concept, knocked out by this guy in about two hours of quiet time. Considering this guy could have afforded any method of thinking he pleased, this was a rather impressive validation of the power of old school pen and paper brainstorming.

    At the time, my boss (finance geek) made a semi-condescending comment about getting the guy on Excel and Powerpoint. I smiled and stayed silent, contemplating the 300MM reasons that separated these two men of similar age and ability….

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