Zip Unwanted Tweets by Hashtag in New Twitter Web Interface


We had seen many twitter web apps and one of our popular blog post Ultimate list of 170+ twitter apps, tools includes lot of twitter related apps to follow/unfollow, schedule tweets, third party desktop twitter clients etc. If you’re following lot of people on twitter, sometimes there are chances to hear unwanted noise in the name of events and they trend it using hashtag. If you’re using third party desktop clients, then they have options to zip all the noise under hashtag. Twitter web interface lacks the fun !

Tweet Open Filter is a chrome extension that allows us to control what you want to read on twitter. If you find certain hashtags and tweets following it extremely offensive or irritating, then you can simple zip them using this extension.

Only the new twitter web interface lacks this feature. All other third party desktop clients, twitter mobile apps has this feature to zip all unwanted tweets under one hashtag.

Once installed you will see a new tab on Twitter, when pressed can enter specific words, hashtags and user names that we want to temporarily silence as, for example : #IamSoMiddleClass, #10ThingsILove, some football, cricket fans #IPL, foursquare checkins, Followfriday etc. We can save the settings as a marker, cleaning, activating and deactivating the filters with a single click.

This extension makes twitter more productive, less annoying. The tweets which you hide or not deleted, but hidden. The filter you make, can be saved as a bookmarklet for later use. You can filter out tweets using regular expressions (for example, all words beginning in “auto” using: /\Wauto/)

Once installed, it sits right next to the #Discover button in your twitter web interface. Just hit the filter button, fill out the hashtags or keywords that you want to zip them from your timeline or if you want to zip out all the tweets from specific people, then enter their twitter usernames. That’s it. It won’t show others that you’ve silenced them.

Editor’s note : It is one of the best method to zip tweets from someone without even blocking or unfollowing them. The other person won’t even know that you’re using this extension.

Open Tweet Filter

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