Twitpic iPhone App : Edit, Add Instagram Like Photo Filters and Upload Photos to Twitter


The popular twitpic photo sharing service has launched their iPhone app where you can edit, upload your photos to twitter. Recently the twitpic has grown to a 35 million user base worldwide and having decided to celebrate it by launching thier iPhone app. Now it becomes easier and quicker to upload photo materials to twitter.

Twitpic founder Noah Everett explained that ‘they have always depended on others, but with the large user base they wanted to improve their service to users, so considering all this, the new native twitpic app for iPhone.’ I could hear someone say, ‘what about android then?’. For android users, twitpic app is coming soon.

The Twitpic app for iPhone has features like crop, resize, and perform other basic image editing stuff. Adding to it, you have instagram like filters for photos. Now twitter’s official photo sharing service doesn’t have any apps. So, its a positive side for twitpic one of the popular photo sharing service for twitter. Also twitter’s official photo sharing service is from 2011 and twitpic is from 2008.

It’s free and you can download the Twitpic iPhone app from iTunes store.

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