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For creating your own personal website or brand small business website, Wix is the best platform. The free version of Wix shows some ads on your websites, but if you’re ready to pay premium monthly subscription, you get lot of options to customize such as own domain name, without ads etc. The latest version of Wix, it has a HTML 5 DIY Flash site builder to build your site in the latest HTML 5 platform.

The new HTML 5 Website builder in Wix is completely drag and drop elements to build your website. You can use special tools to modify or build new elements on your site. The interface is so simple that you don’t need any programming language to build the HTML 5 Flash site. Its equivalent to HTML 5 for dummies.

Check out the video below to start with :

It has around 50 to 60 templates in all professional and small business category. All you need is just get started with. Wix is a such a old service been there for long time, but instead of flash, they are the first one to introduce the HTML 5 website builder. Just start building your small business or personal website in the latest HTML 5 platform instead of flash.

What are the benefits ?

It’s free.
Build website just by drag and drop
Move elements anywhere as per your need
Attract more visitors – SEO friendly
Setting up eShop is so easy
Accessible via Mobile and smartphones too
Includes a custom facebook page builder with amazing graphic & features
Unlimited content, pics you can add.
Premium feature : Custom domain, unlimited storage facility.

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  1. Ash says:

    HTML5 is the code of the future!



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