Tim Cook : Hell Yeah! Lots of Money, He Can Afford to Many !


The latest report from The Wall Street Journal/Hay Group Survey of CEO Compensation, which analyzes CEO’s pay from the 300 largest U.S. public companies by revenue between May 1, 2011, and April 30, 2012, puts Apple CEO Tim Cook with $378 million at the top of the list of Highest Paid CEO’s in the U.S. This amount of wealth is entirely depends on the Tim Cook’s million shares of Apple, inc. The best thing is, Tim cook’s base salary is $900K and annual incentives is $900K and the rest is just stock. The study calculated the amount the CEO received include, compensation (salary, bonus), and the long-term profits.

The share package options from Apple comes with set of restrictions to Tim Cook that he cannot sell half of them for the next 5 years till untill 2016 and other 50% untill 2021. It’s not surprising that the man heading one of the world’s most valuable & innovative company with such huge reward. So the package which has forced tied up for the next 10 years is one of the best outcome for Tim cook. Currently, the price of the Apple share is around $560 mark and the experts predict that after the iPhone 5 lauch, which is expected around September the stocks may go above $1000/share mark.

The other highest paid CEO’s in America includes 2nd position Larry Ellison , CEO of technology firm Oracle – $76 million. In the top 5 CEO earners also CEO Les Moonves of CBS – 69.3 million, CEO of JC Penney, Ronald Johnson – 53.3 million, and CEO Sanjay Jha of Motorola Mobility – USD 46.6 million. CEO of Motorola will certainly reduce income after acquisitions of $ 12.5 billion through Google.

Next time if you happen to meet Tim Cook in a restaurant with his friends, you shouldn’t refuse if he offers to pay for your meal. Hell yeah, lot of money. He can afford it to many !


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