Say Thank You : Auto Answer Birthday Wishes on Facebook


Previously we had told you how to post automatic birthday wishes to your friends on facebook. Sometimes you may forgot to wish your friends on facebook! So to avoid those awkward moments, there are few apps that sends a beautiful birthday wishes to your facebook friends on their birthdays automatically. Suppose, if you get birthday wishes from all your friends and there are too many to reply, you can automate the thank you saying process using this facebook app.

Automatically thank your facebook friends for the wishes they posted in your wall. The application allows you to respond automatically to the birthday wishes on Facebook. For the birthday wishes you’ve got, you can either comment ‘Thank you’ or just automate the app to Like the birthday wish status posted on your wall. Else, you can combine both (comment and Like the status).

First go to the app “Say Thank you” and allow it to access your facebook profile.

Once you’ve grant access to the app, now configure your birthday date/month/year.

Then select the options on how you want the app to respond to your friends who have posted wishes on your birthday.

You can select option to Comment all birthday wall posts, to Like all birthday wall posts or to Comment & Like all birthday wall posts. Else, you can wish to reply with a wall post for all birthday wishes.

If you wish to comment, then select the option and enter a comment template such as ‘thank you for the wishes’ etc and finish it.

Once you’re done with that, it now lists all your birthday wishes. Now you can select friends whom you want to reply a thank you with the comment. If suppose you don’t want to send thank you comment to some of your friends, then you can easily uncheck them via the list displayed.

That’s it! Done.

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  1. Raj says:

    I am planning to stay away from FB for few days, and I think this one will be quite useful for me…

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