Windows 8 Family Safety Feature, Monitor Your Kids Without Any Web Filtering Softwares


Here is the good news for the parents who’re worried about their children’s computer use, while Microsoft says Windows 8 will provide the ultimate family safety features that you don’t require any third party web filtering softwares. Allowing parents to manage the process of their kids computer use and receive weekly reports on them. According to Microsoft, this don’t need any complicated setup at all. Just in few clicks, you can entirely manage your children’s computer use.

In Windows 8, the family safety feature is so useful. All you need to do is, just setup a sub account for your kids on the new operating system and set the option ‘This is children’s computer’ and enable the report process. Now kids going to hate it for sure! Basically as a parent, Monitoring the computer use of a child can be difficult if your home has multiple computers, particularly when the child is equipped with a private computer. So, to remove the difficulties Microsoft is going to introduce the best family safety feature for Windows 8 helping parents to protect their children from online threat.

The Child Safety features will be entirely different from the one in Windwos 7 and this new strategy that will be very much effective in keeping kids safe. This ensures no more need for third party web filtering softwares and browser addons.

Windows 8 family safety feature helps parents to control exactly what their kids want to see and use in the computer. No more placing your computer in dining room or living room to monitor your kids every time. This family safety feature is based on Windows 8 multiple computer user accounts feature. As told above, just setup a sub account for your kids and mention that this is a childs account and turn on the family safety to get the reports on their computer use.

Setup one account for your kid and it works across all Windows 8 installed computers in your network. Kids, beware! It sends report cards to your parents directly. LOL ! Yes, as a parent you get weekly report cards of your kids usage in Windows 8 computer. The reports include – websites visited by the child, search terms used, total time spent online, software installed and files downloaded. If the report isn’t effective, it will help you to setup active measures to restrict child’s online activity. The changes you can do from your computer, which sends to the cloud server and work across all the computers using Windows 8 family safety feature.

As a parent, you can set up filtering such as block certain websites, block search results for certain keywords etc. Also you can set time limits for your children to use the computer, after certain time interval, the children have to ask their parents for advice or turn off the computer and wait until the next day to be able to continue using his computer . Microsoft said Family Safety features will be fitted in the final test version of Windows 8.

This is a welcome move from Windows 8 team. What are your thoughts on this ?

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