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Have you ever wondered how these beautiful infographics had been done ? How to make infographics. There are certain online tools like to make infographics. Just by drag and drop, you can create a beautiful infographic if you have a creative idea and the datas for the infographics. As you all know, Infographic is one of the best and popular method of sharing research. You can visualize your thoughts with datas found in the modern day.

Infographics consists of 60% design, 40% content. Your design as a chart style can be such as pie chart, pictorial chart, line chart, bar chart etc. One of the main things that need to be noted is the font used in a Infographic. As far my knowledge, some best fonts for infographic charts are sans serif, condensed Sans serif. Third important thing is the theme – base color for your infographic. Then comes the title, credit sources, sections etc.

Today we have a excellent online tool to create your own infographic. allows you to easily create a beautiful and professional infographic if you’ve exact datas and you’re creative. Just Drag and Drop pre-designed themes and vector assets onto your canvas for easy creation and customization of rich infographics.

No login, signups. Just enter and start creating your own infographic. You have pre-made themes where you can select and start your customization. Or you can start from the scratch. You have themes, objects, shapes, text, charts and upload option to upload your own images.

Three main options to delete, lock an item from resizing or scaling and one click button to clone a object. Then rich format to block, italian text etc. Move positions and change colors if needed. You can finally select the font and size. But, I prefer to be left the default font options which looks professional.

Once you’re done with your own infographic, you can save them (if you’ve logged in), else you can export the infographic into a PNG image or PDF file format. You have 4 options to import the infographic into PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG.

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