Facebook Gets Google+ Hangout Like Multi User Video Conferencing with Oovoo app


This isn’t official app from Facebook. When Google+ branded its Social network site, One of the 4 Major features it showed us is the hangout feature, which lets you to group video chat with your Google+ friends. Facebook was missing this feature when Google+ was showing it off. Now, Google+ is going to lose it to Facebook on the hangout feature. The third party app “Oovoo” integrates with Facebook to bring out the group video chat inside Facebook. But thisn’t a official app for Group video chat. Because, facebook default chat has skype integration for video chat, but restricted to one-to-one person. There is No multi user video chat facility yet.

Oovoo is a third party web based app that provides Google+ hangout like feature to people. Oovoo is similar to Google+ hangout, but in a standalone form. Now this third party app called Oovoo, fits the gap. You can do a multi user video conferencing upto 12 people. 4 more than what Google+ offers and It’s completely free and already has 46 million users as its a standalone app.

Now integrating the Oovoo app with facebook, becomes super fun to all the 900 million people as it allows video chat upto 12 of your friends on facebook. This will make people feel that facebook has its own hangout like feature.

Apart from this, Oovoo allows you to record the video chat, upload it to facebook, YouTube, twitter etc. The app is also available for both Android and iOS. The Oovoo call link feature lets you to send a chat invite to your friend and whoever clicks the chat link, can join in the video conversation from the Oovoo web based app.

This isn’t currently the official hangout app for facebook, but if Facebook has an idea to acquire Oovoo, it would surely be a worthful investment than instagram.

Check out their standalone app for Windows, Mac. You can also download their mobile app for iOS and Android devices from their official site. If skype can offer multi way calling for free, then its a positive welcome.

After the Google+ hangouts went live on air, which increased to attract alot of people, now loses its charm. What are your thoughts ?

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