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On the past we had talked about android notification manager apps and widgets for your android device. There are some beautiful sms notification android apps appear bubble wraps in your home screen and also for missed call notification and text notifications. Today we got a nice android phone notification widget that updates all the notification at one centralized place. You can access all your notificaton from centralized place in form of widgets. This widget app organizes notification from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and SMS you receive.

BlingBoard for android, which offers a widget that centralizes Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and SMS we receive. Install the app, validate your login credentials with each service and then get all social notification messages in one place. It is called as ‘The ultimate social widget for your android.’

What Blingboard offers ?

  • Missed Calls notification
  • SMS Messages
  • Gmail unread messages
  • Facebook news feeds (similar to Facebook widget)
  • Twitter feed items (similar to Twitter widget)

Just directly from the widget notification, you can dial your missed call numbers, reply to sms messages, launch Gmail app and check your emails, check facebook links such as watch YouTube videos directly, check tweets, etc.

Once you’ve installed the Blingboard app for android, put the blingboard widget on your homescreen. Use settings > add > widgets > blingboard.

Below some screenshots of Blingboard on Gingerbread 2.3.3 :

I just installed the blingboard app, opened it. Found that I need to activate my social accounts with blingboard. So I clicked Gmail, authorized my account. Similarly done with Facebook, Twitter accounts.

Now go to homescreen, Add the Blingboard widget to your homescreen. Don’t forget to set the refresh interval rate for the services. You can start from 15 minutes to hours. It auto refresh at certain intervals.

You can also change themes from the settings. Classic, black, transparent, blue etc are few good themes for blingboard.

Editor’s Note : When compared to the default notification manager in Android, Blingboard looks completely sexy, stylish and easy to access. Overall, Blingboard is a small place that gathers your incoming social content in efficient way.

Download BlingBoard for Android

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