5 Best Websites to Help Against Cyber bullying Criminal Offense


Cyber bullying – there is nothing worse than feeling powerless over a smartass who takes advantage over people and making them suffer from fear in life everytime. Kids who suffer from cyber bullying – a harassment, threatening or bad treatment with the use of technology & Internet, cyber bullying is a serious problem where parents should come in and help their kids from it. To make it simpler, example of cyber bullying is creating a fake profile of yours and misusing it for bad things. Sending you anonymous threatening email messages etc are some examples of cyber bullying.

One of the best ways to get out of Cyber bullying is to get help from your teachers and parents. Also make sure you don’t respond or make a chance to reply to all the cyber bullying acts by the bully. As a parent, one should make sure their kid is safe from all cyber bullying and uses internet properly. Because, this makes children to go depressed that includes sadness, loneliness, insecurity and lose their confidence.

As a parent, you should talk to your children about all these things openly and share the public experiences. Now let’s help more with websites related to cyber bullying. For those parents who wanted their children to get out of the cyber bullying and do not know how to start – here are the best 5 websites that help your children against cyber bullying.

Stop Bullying Gov

Stop bullying is your one stop guide to know all about cyber bullying. It allows you to know whether your child is cyber bullied. You can learn in depth about cyber bullying. how to prevent, how to report cyber bullying, the risk factors, warning signs, how to talk to your children about cyber bullying etc.

Bullying UK

Specially for the people of United Kingdom, the cyber bullying uk has launched a live online support for every member of the family to get advice from the expert team.

Kids Against Bullying

Pacer’s organization Kids against bullying program website is a total fun website for kids to know about cyber bullying with interactive videos, games and some smart stuff.

When Abuser Goes to Work

One of the best blogs on workplace bullying and abuse. Writes from the standpoint of labor, which is increasingly often that people are abused by their “bosses.”

Anit Bullying Network

List of useful resources with links to learn about cyber bullying and how to prevent them against bullying.

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