3 Best Ways to Backup Instagram Photos


Instagram has become one of the most popular apps for smartphones. Once they launched the app for Android platform, the user base and popularity has gone up extensively. Lots of people are sharing photos with the beautiful Instagram photo filter effects, if you don’t own Android or iPhone, you can try out Instagram like apps for Windows Phone, apps like Instagram for Blackberry phone. Or else you can also try out Instagram web filter effects for photos.

Previously we had talked about backing up your instagram photos. There are few good tools around the web to backup Instagram photos. Months back we talked about Instaport app for backup instagram photos. Apart from that you can also backup Instagram photos to dropbox or transfer them directly to your facebook photo album.

Today we got 3 excellent apps to Backup Instagram Photos :-

1. Followgram

Just sign in with your Instagram account, verify your email address. Once entered you will have access to all features: view photos, management of followers and following, activation vanity url, creating the follow button, enabling and creating RSS feed and create your photos album. One of the best ways to backup instagram photos on the web and also lets you to browse through instagram photos in a nice interactive way.

2. Instaport

Instaport is one beautiful app that allows you to download all your Instagram photos to your computer or you can even directly transfer instagram photos to facebook, flickr etc. Read our detail review on Instaport here.

3. Copygram

Copygram – sign in with your instagram account, once you’ve signed in, you can use Copygram like a instagram web interface to view photos, comments, likes etc. Click the Backup option at the top to backup your instagram photos to computer. Enter your email id and select the number of photos to be backed up. You can select all your instagram photos or first 100, 200 photos like wise. Once done, you get the download link to your email address to download your instagram photos to your computer.

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  1. Another: Use ifttt.com to automatically copy photos to Dropbox every time to take one.

  2. Maya says:

    Thanks for this very wonderful post. I’m having a problem backing up my photos using instagram. I never thought there are apps like these. Thanks for sharing.

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