10 Best Online File Sharing Services – Drag and Drop File Upload


With the amount of web apps that are now available for file sharing, as a average user it is difficult to select the best one for sharing files online with friends and family. There are so many file sharing services available online, but based on what you select them ? Simplicity, Clear UI, Secure. So based on these 3 factors, I have compiled a list of 10 ways to share large files online without any hassle. Note : the list isn’t arranged in any ratings order. Just a collection of 10 best web apps for sharing files online.

There are many methods to share files online using email attachments which is limited to a few MB, popular file sharing services like Dropbox needs you to signup, install their dropbox software and then share files using it which is basically a tedious task that includes atleast five to six steps. Now here is a list of web apps that allows you to share files online securely without installing anything, or process that includes more steps. All you need to do is, just drag and drop your file that you need to share. It uploads securely and gives you the link to share with your friends. Only your friends can see that link which you share. Here is the list – check out !


Pastelink.me – just drag and drop your file into the interface, it automatically gets uploaded and gives you the link to share. No signups, no ads, no software to install. It allows you to upload a file with size limit 250 MB with out any signups. If you sign up with them for free, you can send upto 2GB. The next question is, how long will the server keep the files that we upload. Your file will be on the server for 7 days. So from uploading, your friend or co-worker should download the file within 7 days.


Lets Crate is a simple file sharing service. Once you’ve signed up with them, drag and drop your files into the crates. All the files which you drop into them will be stored in the cloud and finally you can share the URL to your friends to get access them. Completely secure.


No signups, no software installs. Just upload the file and get the link to share. You can upload upto 5GB.


Drop send over comes the limitation of sending large files over email. It allows you to send large files over email. Just drop your files in and send them. You can send large files upto 2GB which is ideal for sending image, video and mp3 files. Fast, simple and secure too. No software to install. Just signup and send.


Drag the file from your computer that you want to share and drop it. Then, share the link with your friends. Simple. Maximum file size limit is 25 MB for free accounts. Free accounts in the sense, without signups. Also without signups, if you share the file – it will be stored on their servers only for 7 days. If you signup and share files, then you can save it for longer time. Droplr has mobile apps and desktop apps too. You can use it from your Mac, Windows and iPhone.


As you all know, one of the popular image sharing service. Imgur allows you to upload or share images just by drag and drop. You can also use their browser extensions to upload images directly from the web using right click context menu.


Minus.com – popular file sharing and image sharing service. Quickly uploads when you drag and drop the file. Also don’t need any signups. All your uploads will be available for 30 days. If you create an account, you can tag and save it in your folder. Check Minus desktop app.


This is exclusive for Mac OS X to upload files on your FTP server. Not a free software. Once you install from mac store, just drag and drop files on the menu bar icon or the dock icon. It automatically creates zip file when you upload multiple files. Works with your own server too.


A nice way to send large files via email. Just upload the file, name them and enter the from and to email address. If you don’t want to send via email, then skip it and get the link to share directly with your friends. It adds stats like number of file downloads, size of the file etc.


Similar like above services, you can upload file size upto 1GB and the file will be removed after 3 days if you’re not a registered user. So, for quick file sharing without any signups, you can use this service.


Finally the King of File sharing – Dropbox ! I don’t need to explain about Dropbox. King of File sharing :)

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