Automatically Schedule Google Plus Posts


We had already seen how to schedule your Facebook updates and twitter tweets for later posting. Now lets see how to schedule your Google+ post to publish it on later date and time. Regarding Google+, previously we discussed about which is your best time to post on Google+, because sometimes you when need to share an interesting publication on Google+ , find that vast majority of your contacts are on other time zones or sleeping, so reach a larger audience, you need to push the update at the right time.

By default, there is no scheduling feature. but with the help of third party addons you can achieve this. This chrome extension that allows us to schedule the release of Google + entries to be posted on the day and time of our choosing. We can schedule multiple publications are published at different times in a very simple clicks.

Do Share extension for Chrome is simple. Once you’ve installed you can write and share your Google+ posts, save a draft now, edit it into a post later, create a post, and schedule it for later – Do Share will automatically send it at the scheduled time. You can even share any photo from your Google+ albums.

Do Share is a Chrome application that runs only on your computer. Posts are saved in your browser, and are sent to Google+ at the scheduled time. Scheduled posts will be successfully sent to Google+ if Chrome is running, and logged into Google+ at that time.

Make sure you are connected to the internet with your Google chrome browser opened and Google+ logged in to the extension work. Because, at the moment, the API hasn’t been released by Google+ to schedule it offline completely.

Install Do Share Google+ Extension

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