10 Best Ways To Find Clip Art Images For Commercial & Personal use


There are many websites like discovery education clip art that allows you to download royalty free clip art images for commercial and personal purposes. These clip art images are used for presentations, animations, as icons, background graphics etc. Today we are going to list out the best 10 ways to download or find clip art images for commercial and personal purposes.

OpenClipArt – The Open Clipart Library (OCAL) is the Largest Collaboration Community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free and with no restrictions.

School Clip Art – Doesn’t get much better then this for free clip art for students and teachers.

3D Toad – A innovative site with interactive 360 degree rotatable images. It has amazing categories such as music, animals, computer networking, history, yoga, dentals and more. What’s special about the website is, all the images can be viewed in 360 degrees and you can select a position in 360 view and download the image at specific view angle.

Behold – A nice search engine to use with adult supervision for finding images on Flickr. Simply enter your keyword and find images tagged with your specific keyword. You can check the options so that the images which are in results page are free to use for commercial purposes and personal uses. Behold is a flickr search engine.

Find Icons – A great site for finding free icons to use in the classroom. Icon search engine that allows you to search, browse and convert icons. If you have created icons, then you can upload it there. You can refine your icon search based on the size, background color, style, licenses etc. The website has a icon converter in-built.

FreeFoto – A wonderful site for 1000’s of free photos that can be used by students. We had already reviewed about Free Foto website here. You can read the full review about it here.

FreePhotoBank – A excellent site for free stock photos.

Google Images – A great way to search for images as long as the safe search filter is turned on. Also adding to it, you can use the Google image search filters to get the exact clip art image you need. Once you’re done with the size, color, go to the type section and select ‘Clip art’. It results will show only the clip art images for your keyword.

Humanline – It’s a visual library for teachers and students for free images for: art, history, science, etc. It has digital assets for educational and commercial licensing. You can download and use images for educational purposes for free and the images are related only to art, history and science.

Ookaboo – A great way to search for free stock photos on a wide variety of subjects. When you search on Ookaboo, it uses concepts instead of keywords. Much more accurate than other stock photo search engines. Images in Ookaboo can be used for publications, blogs, websites etc. It has huge database of stock images.

Pics4Learning – One of the most popular image sites for finding images for education.

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