Write & Save Notes in the Cloud


Today introducing a simple web app that allows you to write and save text notes directly in the cloud. Eliminating the need of paper and pen, write ideas, notes and save to the cloud. Notes in the cloud are safer and can retrive anytime from anywhere.

Fetchnotes is a simple web app to write and save notes in the cloud. You can start using just when you sign up for free. Claim your username and sign up with fetch notes. Then, create a new note and start using it.

So on the top text bar, write a note and end it with a hashtag to search easy in future. When you’re ready to save a note, just press shift+enter (shift+return for Mac users) or click the plus button. Once a note is added, it will show up down there.

Simply click existing notes to edit them and press shift+enter to save. When you’re ready to delete a note, hover over it and click the X button that appears in the upper right corner. Organize your notes by adding hashtags anywhere in the notes. For example, ‘Make life easier #todo’ would get the tag ‘#todo’ and Click tags to filter your notes to only contain those tags.

Simply start typing on the text bar at top to filter your notes and tags in realtime. Click on the gear icon to the right and click settings to start texting and emailing in your notes. When you have activated your sms notification via fetchnotes, you can also see your notes via text.

Text something like “fetch #groceries”, and Fetchnotes app send you your grocery list. You can also email them your notes. The body and subject will be saved as a note.

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