Upload Images to Cloud using Ctrl + V from PC


Gone are those days when we need to Print screen, save the screenshot picture on our desktop, then open any image upload service, browse the photo from our computer and upload it to the online service and then copy the image URL and share it with our friends. Now avoid all these steps. Just copy the picture from your desktop and paste it on the online service, it automatically does the upload and give you the links to share. You don’t even need to use the mouse, everything works in keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V (Copy & paste) simple!

Clipica is a cloud image hosting service that lets you to upload the pictures just by a keyboard shortcut copy and paste. Once you have copied the picture from your computer, you can simply hit the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to paste the image to cloud image hosting service. It pastes the image from your clipboard.

Once you’ve copy pasted the image in the Clipica, it gives you the option to crop or resize image. Once you’re done with it, you can simply select the size to upload immediately. After finishing the upload process, it displays the image with the shortened link to share with friends and a QR code image to use it. It basically uses the imageshack to host the images using a clipica interface.

A similar service called Snaggy – does same function like Clipica. You can copy paste image directly from the computer. It pastes the image from the clipboard. If it is a local file, you need to run a java applet. Simply hit run and it automatically pastes the image and uploads it instantly when you copy paste the image. It shows you a shortened URL with sharing options.

You can also edit images – crop them, add text fonts, drawing tools and pencil tools. You can delete or save the image after editing.

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