Send SMS Text by Voice While Driving with Sonalight Text by Voice


One of the causes of car accidents is the carelessness of drivers to read or reply to text messages. If you’re a person who travels more than 2 hours daily, then this app is much useful for your android devices. You can dictate your reply sms or compose an sms. Without even touching your mobile screen, you can reply your text messages by voice command.

Sonalight Text by Voice will automatically read incoming text messages aloud and give you a chance to respond. You can also set an auto responder for incoming text messages, and have Text by Voice start automatically when you start driving, and make calls hands-free.

You can also compose SMS by voice command and it completely runs in the background so that you can use other apps in front. Let’s see how to use it after installation. You can find the app in the Google play store, just type Sonalight text by voice, download and install it.

Open the app – Text by voice.

Say It initalizes the voice controls. Now say ‘Text by voice’ or tap the screen to send SMS.

Now Text by voice will prompt you with questions. Make sure you wait for the beep before responding otherwise text by voice won’t hear what you say.

Now say the name from your contact book or the phone number.

It automatically reads the number to compose the sms. It prompts to record the message.

Now speak out the message which you want to send. It sends the message to that number or contact. The only drawback is, it appends the textbyvoice link to every sms.

Incoming sms, it automatically reads texts to you when they are received and give you option to respond by voice.

You can turn off and on the text by voice. In the settings, you can turn on when you’re in driving mode.

Similarly you can Call a contact using voice command instead of sending SMS. Make sure you enable in the settings.

Also in the settings, when you have bluetooth headset or handsfree device connected, you can control whether text by voice listens from bluetooth microphone etc.

You can also select to automatically turn off Text by voice when put in or removed from the car dock.

Download Text by Voice

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