Send Large Files Directly from Gmail with ForgetBox


Now easily upload large files to gmail without any Gmail email file sending limits like attachment upto 25mb only etc. There are many web services that allows us to transfer big files via email. This Forget box also does the similar job but in a more simpler way. With Forget box there is no size limit restrictions, You can send unlimited size files via Gmail or any mail program. You don’t have to zip files, upload them and look at the progress bar.

How does it work? Once ForgetBox downloaded and installed on your PC, a button “Attach a BIG file (with ForgetBox)” integrates with the user interface of Gmail. Select your file and send. For the rest, ForgetBox takes care of everything. Zero waiting time for an endless loading bar: Gmail will automatically send the mail once the file transfer is complete.

The recipients will receive your e-mail to the classic format with a link inviting them to download the file. Meanwhile they are downloaded, the files are stored in ForgetBox to avoid cluttering the inbox of the recipients. This is what allows you to send many files at once.

The uploading of files in Forget box works without internet too. When your internet is disconnected while the files are uploading, it pauses and works when the internet is back. Every process is done in the background without any disturbance.

For Gmail, the Forget box will place a button inside the gmail interface to attach files. For others, you can select the files to send, so select multiple files, right click on them and select ‘Forget box’ in the context menu option and send the files.

Once you’ve selected the option ‘send using Forgetbox’ the interface of forget box opens and you can type the email address.

You can also import contact address from Facebook, Gmail using the options. Add the message and hit the send button.

The files get uploaded in the background and the recipient will receive download link in their email.

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Try Forget Box | For Gmail users use this link

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  1. This is really nice article to send large file using emails. Otherwise we have to synchronize with dropbox and also have to share username and password.

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