Revoke Permission Access to Apps on Various Social Networks with MyPermissions


There are lot of social apps which need your social profile access to use it. Today almost all the apps uses oAuth to get access to your social profiles instead of asking you to enter your username, password etc. So, social networking profiles such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, Yahoo, Linkedin and other popular services such as dropbox, Instagram, flickr, foursquare, hotmail etc are used day to day to authorize various third party apps.

One of the major possibility to hack your social networking profiles is the unwanted permission grant to various third party apps. You may grant access your social profile to test an app, but later it turns out to be vulnerable and your social profile gets hacked. You can manually revoke permission access to all third party apps in social networking profiles, but the options to do it isn’t clearly visible or easily accessible by general users. It’s some where listed in the settings page.

To make it easier, here is a central place called ‘My Permission’ – a app to clean up all your apps. This app doesn’t use any permissions, it just directs us to the links so that it’s very easy to clean all of them. Point your browser to the Mypermission page, find out the social services listed such as facebook, twitter etc. Click them and it takes you to the direct page on that specific social profile and you can revoke access to third party apps easily.

You need to make sure of one thing. Find out which apps you want to grant access and which are all the apps that you use it regularly. So based on the list, you can filter out all other apps.

So if you haven’t tried to clean up your apps list, then it’s time to check this service. It doesn’t need any of your social profile credentials. It just points you to the right settings page to clean up your apps directly. Useful one, bookmark it.

Similarly, There is a web service that allows you to delete all your social networking profiles. It gives direct links to delete your social profile. Read about it here.

Likewise, if you want to control all your Email notification that you get from your Social networking profiles, manage it here.

My Permissions

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