Pizza Ordering Apps : Order Pizza from Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John, Pizza Express using Android, iPhone


Picking up your phone and dialing to a pizzeria and ordering a Pizza is so old school. Just swap your android smartphone, select the pizza, order them via your android app or iPhone app. Pay using the mobile gateway, track the pizza delivery right from the order, to prep, bake and carry out. You can order the pizza for delivery or to carry out. Let’s check out the cool Pizza apps for Smartphones.

Domino’s Pizza App

Now order domino’s pizza from your android or iPhone. You can install the app and select from the list of pizza varities. If you’re confused, you can build your own combination for the best pizza. Apart from the building your own combo, you can also order from the menu list such as sandwiches, pastas, drinks, sides, desserts etc. You can also avail coupons and check out the nearest store if you’re going to carry out or order it for delivery.

The domino’s Pizza tracker app built inside is so helpful to track your orders right from the order, to preperation, bake, firing it up to delivery. The app supports debit and credit card payments. Download for Android & iPhone

Papa John Pizza app

Papa John Pizza app for Android and iPhone has the full menu of Papa John’s. You can order them from the menu list and you can avail discounts using the coupon codes. You don’t need a papa john web account to access or order pizzas. Supports payment through cash, credit cards. If you’ve ordered a variety, you can favorite them to reorder anytime.

Download for Android & iPhone

Pizza Hut App

The list wouldn’t be complete with out the popular Pizza hut apps for smartphone. Just like the Papa John pizza app, Pizza hut also offers complete list of pizzas to order from the smartphones. It offers specialty pizzas, pasta, WingStreet wings, drinks, sides, desserts and limited time offers.

Download the Pizza hut app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone

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