Paint For Whatsapp : Online Drawing Sharing with Whatsapp Contacts


Today we got a Online collaborative drawing app for Android devices. Yes, using Whatsapp you can paint pictures with your whatsapp contacts. Collaborative online drawing Paint for whatsapp android app allows you to share online whiteboard with your whatsapp contacts. You can do a simple online whiteboarding in Whatsapp.

Paint for Whatsapp allows you to have fun way to write a really fun message to your Whatsapp contacts. Once you installed this app, open whatsapp, click on the clip icon (which you use to share images, videos etc). Once you’ve clicked, select paint option and start drawing.

How to Use Whatsapp to Paint ?

Once you’ve installed the app, go back to Home and open whatsapp

Choose your conversation group/contact and click on the paper clip.

Click on the gallery icon and choose ‘Paint for whatsapp’ from the list.

Paint something on the scren. Click back or menu and choose done.

Features of Paint for Whatsapp

Instantly start drawing

Very easy and simple color picking tool

Easy to understand

Customize your brush size or default colors to use.

What you draw, will be sent as a picture to the whatsapp contact.

Download Paint for Whatsapp

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