One Touch Drawing Android Puzzle Game


Today I wanted to show you one of the best puzzle game app for android – One touch drawing. On the past, we had told you about many physics game app such as Cut the rope, Jumping monkey etc. Today we got a super puzzle game for android. You all might have played in your childwood days. Drawing or joining the dots without taking your hand out from the paper. The rule is, you need to connect the dots, draw the unique shape in one touch.

One Touch Drawing app for android is a super fun puzzle game. Easy user interface and brilliant puzzles upto 100 levels. The only rule of the game is very simple. Draw given figures with only one touch. The only problem is “You cannot draw twice the same line”.

Install the app, start with the level 1. Once you clear stages, the game gets difficult. Points like line that must be passed twice, One directional line, Warp point etc makes the puzzle difficult. There is Survival mode – Survival mode never accept the mistake. One mistake, game over.

On the general mode when you play the game, after few wrong try’s you get a hint on where to start the game etc. So based on the hint, you can easily finish the game.

Currently, I am playing this game and crossed some 60 levels. In total of 100 levels, it has been divided like 20 levels (5 stages). First twenty levels with have a similar pattern, the next twenty where you need to draw two lines at some places and the next twenty will have one side directional line based on the arrow mark, the next twenty will have the 2& 3 combined etc. Its super fun actually.

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