Make Facebook Video With Status Updates, Photos in Metro Style Interface


Today we aren’t going to see how to save Facebook videos, instead how to create a Facebook video with all your status updates, photos shared, tagged etc. One of the best things to do if you want to share the Facebook memories with your friends. This is like, creating a unique Facebook video with the help of your profile and the status updates, photos for past one year.

Previously we talked about Timeline Movie maker that creates a facebook timeline movie. Similar to it, today we have a third party web app that creates a video with all that happened in the past year on Facebook. The video creator interface is based on the popular Metro style interface of Windows 8. You can filter what you want to show in the video such as Videos, Photos, Status updates etc.

It completely fills up the video with all memories past one year with full of comments made, photos tagged, events etc. when you click on one of them, you can access the conversation of that comment, background will show the profile picture you had at the time held that conversation, if the comment is on a photo will show the same in which you made ??your comment.

A Year In the Like is a simple app from Microsoft that allows you to create a Facebook video in a Metro style interface (Windows 8) with all your status updates, photos, videos and comments made in the past one year.

So, now go to and hit the button ‘Login with facebook’

Allow the app to authorize your facebook account.

Once you’re done, the app starts loading all your photos and comments (in the recent past 1 year).

Then it shows all the comments and photos running in a Metro style interface where you can select any comment to view or add it to the video etc.

You can also use filter options to filter comments on photos, videos, status updates. You can choose from which contact you want to display in the timeline video etc.

Once done, click the Make movie tab on the top right. You can also share it on facebook and twitter.

The movie is complied and it takes few minutes.

Watch the Facebook movie with a pleasant background music and finally share it with your friends.

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