Read PDF Ebooks on iPad, Turn Pages with Gesture of Moving Your Head


There are numerous ways to store pdfs on iPad and we had also told you about create your own Ebooks for iPad. So today we got a iPad PDF reader that doesn’t need your hands to turn pages. You can just move your head left or right to turn pages. The documents stored in iPad such as PDF or eBooks can be read with the gesture of just moving your head. Today we got a best reader app for ipad.

Magic Reader is a app to read PDF on iPad without using your hands to turn pages. This iPad pdf ebook reader avoids you to use your hands on the iPad screen to turn around pages which causes fingerprints on your iPad screen. It is one of the best ipad document reader that can read pdf ebooks on iPad just by the gesture of your head. Reading pdf documents on ipad is made easy.

If both your hands are at work like playing a musical instrument and just want to turn pages of the music notes, you can use magical reader that can turn pages with the gesture of your head. At many cases, the magic reader pdf app for iPad will be useful.

It supports PDF, Zip Files, image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc. Just configure the touch free function to adjust to the speed of your gesture. Keep it normal and do not attempt to move your head fast to turn pages.

Based on your iPad front camera, it recognizes and acts to the command. The application is free and you can download it at iTunes store.

Magic Reader iPad app

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