Create Generation Ancestor Chart, Family Tree Hierarchy


If you ever wanted to try create a five generation ancestor chart for your own purpose or for some research to explain some one, then here is a quick online tool that helps us to create family tree hierarchy or family generation chart for free. It is one of the popular and attractive way to display the generation of people with images. You can either create it in a family tree form or pyramid type.

People Plotr is a free web app used to create family tree hierarchys and people plots. It is one of the best online service for creating beautiful interactive people plots and family trees. You can easily create tree style family plots, assign colors for the flow, name them, has option to add extra text. When you click on the specific people, you can add text description about them includes photos & videos.

You can add photos for the display of tree hierarchy. The photos can be linked directly from any web source or from flickr. At the moment, doesn’t have option to upload it from desktop. You can completely change the look and customize it to your need.

The free version fo People plotr can be used maximum upto 30 people. If you feel to extend, you can buy one of their plans which includes a embed code to the websites/ blogs option.

Just signup and start creating your plot. Enter the title, description, major characters, their profile pictures, background images etc. Images can be taken from Flickr directly or from your flickr user profile. Just input the search term and take it from flickr.

Once done with that, add people – edit their info, picture etc. Click the timeline to add year, dates, information. Select people and create your tree hierarchy easily.

People Plotr is fun !

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