Find Time Spent on Android apps using Time Tracker App Timer Mini


There are lot of time tracker apps that we had discussed previously such as chrome time tracker to find out the exact time spent on certain web page. Similarly, if you use android smartphone to read, play games and want to find out the time spent on each app, then you can easily track time spent on android apps using one of the best tracking app – App Timer Mini for android.

App Timer Mini is a simple android app to track your time on selected apps. You can estimate your time much easier. For example, if you have selected Google reader app to track the time spent on it, then the app shows you the timer on the Google reader app. From which you can find out the exact time spent on reading stuff using Google reader. The app timer will count the time and show the timer on your screen while you are reading. You do not need to analyze chart or graph to understand your usage patterns, instead you just read the time you spend.

App Timer Mini free version offers all the features that we mostly need. There is a pro version that eliminates the ads and some extra features. The free version, once installed allows you to switch on the timer. Once you’ve selected the apps to track the time spent, the timer will be shown on the screen. Timer will only be active when the app is running or the screen is on. You can check the timer preview on the corners of the screen.

So, once installed – open the apps list and check the apps that you need to track the time spent on it. You can use different types of timer and the stats will be accumulated as per the option. You can reset the timer daily or weekly as per your choice.

Apart from this , you can auto hide the notification, text color, transparency of the timer and location of it to display on the screen. Select from top left, right, bottom etc.

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