Calculate Your Pinterest Influence with these Two Apps


Already we talked about calculating the social media influence that includes your social media power on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. Today we got two resources that allows you to calculate your Pinterest influence. I agree that Pinterest was launched only recently and by now you cannot avoid using the Pinterest – a virtual pinboard platform to organize all your favorites on the web. Also one cannot deny it, only with in 3 months of its launch, Pinterest has become 3rd most popular social network in United states. So let’s check out 2 Pinterest apps that can calculate your Pinterest influence.

PinPuff – Your Pinterest Score

Similar to the system used by Klout, Pinpuff calculates your influence on Pinterest social network. To calculate your pinterest influence score, just enter your email address and your pinterest username. Then it does the calculations and finally publishes the result. Check the below picture.

After that, you can visit your Pinpuff profile ( and it shows all scores in detail. Your value of pins and referral traffic. Your activity score, virality score, maximum followers for the pins, likes and repins etc.

Pin Reach (Pin Clout) – Pinterest Analytics

Pinreach – formerly called as Pinclout is your Pinterest analytics. The calculation goes from zero to 100 taking into account published pins, pins re-obtained, number of followers and followed, comments, etc. Just signup for free with your pinterest username and from then you can find all the analytics details such as highest reach, trending pins, trending members, scores and score details etc.

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  1. I have been using Pinterest for a while now, and my pins have been quite popular. Now I have a way of measuring and monitoring my Pinterest activity. Thanks for sharing this

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