Calculate Mortgage Payment using Windows 7 Calculator


Windows 7 calculator can do amazing things. It’s just not a simple calculator, it has scientific calculator and also you can calculate other things such as your payments, loan calculator, fuel calculator, reverse mortgages calculator, unit conversions and more. Let’s check out how to perform a mortgage calculation with Windows 7 calculator.

You can easily calculate mortgage payments using the built in Windows 7 calculator. There is no need for any online Mortgage calculator at all. From Calculator, go to View > Worksheets > Mortgage. You can choose from monthly payment, down payment, purchase price, and term (in years).

Using the worksheets on Windows 7 calculator, you can find the lease period, lease value and payments if you’re going to take car at lease. Also you can find out vehicle’s fuel economy using the Fuel economy calculator.

Also you can do unit conversions, find difference between two dates etc. If you know more tricks with Windows 7 calculator, then do let us know through comments.

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