5 Earthquake Monitoring apps for Android


Currently in many parts of the world people experience major earthquakes, having a decent app for your Android smartphone that can monitor earthquake in real time. There are many online earthquake monitoring sites that provides earthquake monitoring map and datas. For smartphones, esp. Android, we have got the best 5 earthquake monitoring apps. All the apps mentioned below provides similar data but in different format. Their goal is to monitor the earthquake and display data in unique formats.

Earthquake Monitor

Earthquake monitor is one of the best apps to monitor earthquakes from your Android phone. Once you’ve installed the app, open it. It shows the list of places that have got earthquake in recent times (last 24 hours). With the exact GMT date and time and the Richter magnitude scale number. When you click it, it takes you to the specific map location. When you hold the specific list for few seconds, it brings up the quake details.

In the settings panel, you have option to set automatic refresh, refresh frequency, you can set the minimum magnitude number to show the list and finally the notification such as vibrate, ringtone etc.


Earthquake Alert

The Earthquake Alert app for android pulls in various earthquake related news stories across the web along with the quake details and information such as magnitude, exact location on the map etc. It shows some advanced details such as depth of quake, distance from your current location, etc.

Filter options are awesome. You can filter quakes based on the distance, date, magnitude, location worldwide, etc. Once you’ve saved the filter, the app works according to it. When you click on the specific quake details – you can find the map location, details of the quake, share it with friends, find more info in USGS etc.


Disaster Alert

It shows all the world disaster alerts. Not only restricted to Earthquakes, it also displays alerts for Hurricane, cyclone, flood, weather, Tsunami, Wild fire, Volcano etc. You can view active hazards on an interactive map or in the Alert list. It has collection of current and real-time incidents compiled from authoritative sources.


Latest Quakes

Similar to the first app that we discussed in the list.


Earthquake Alerter Free

With this free alert app, you get push notifications and alerts of earthquakes worldwide. Create filters to monitor earthquakes, you can also create custom location and radius to monitor quakes.


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