Add Pinterest Virtual Pin board to Facebook Pages with Pinvolve


You can easily turn your Facebook page into a Pinterest pin board. How ? Pinvolve is a simple app, once you add it to your facebook page, it shows all your facebook page posts in a Pinterest style layout with thumbnail images and text. People can like/comment on the post as well Pin it to their Pinterest boards.

Pinvolve adds a Facebook tab page that visually entertains all your Facebook page posts in a Pinterest style layout. Simple, it allows us to convert our Facebook fan page into a Pinterest Page book. All you need to do is, just authorize the app and select the Facebook page which you want to use. That’s it.

Pinvolve not only arranges your Facebook page posts into a Pinterest layout, but also adds button to share the content to Pinterest. How to add Pinterest button to Facebook page post contents ? Just use Pinvolve.

You know what ? You can view your Facebook albums, photos tagged in a Pinterest style layout. Few weeks back we talked about Friendsheet application, that turns your Facebook photos, albums in to a Pinterest style layout. Read about it here.

As told above, the Pinvolve tab grabs all the post contents from your facebook page and organizes into a Pinterest style layout along with the Post likes and comments. It displays the number of likes and comments, along with the comment text. First few comments will be displayed for reading in the main Pinvolve page, rest will be linked to the actual post.

Pinvolve is a complete game changer of Facebook content with a Pinterest style and look. When you just hover a facebook page that is displayed in a pinterest style thumbnail view, it has options to Pin it directly to your Pinterest boards. Just Pin it will re-post that content to Pinterest itself.

Pinvolve facebook app.

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