7 Secret Commands on Google Chrome


Secret commands ? Don’t imagine big. These are Chrome commands which are hidden to general users. These commands are input directly on the browser’s address bar and it gives you lot of options to know about your browser Chrome. By default, you can access the options and settings from the chrome menu options (wrench icon). But certain options of Google chrome can be accessed using chrome commands.


The most valuable of all! It shows all the commands you can type from the address bar of your browser. You can check bookmarks, cache, memory consumption, credits, history, plugins, sessions, new tab, settings, stats etc.


Overview of tabs, frames per second counter, tooltip, experimental localization features, etc..


Displays complete information on your connectivity, export your data or to test links that will not load.


Displays the memory used by Chrome and by all other browsers that are running on the system.


Analysis of DNS service to establish a correspondence between an IP address and domain name.


Provides information about the disk space used by the browser.


For detailed information on the internal synchronization of Chrome.


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