6 Must Apps for Social Media Enthusiasts


Social media – makes you an addict. You can use it for various purposes. To market your product, market your blog, mainly you can use it for the influence, the relationships, and the fun of it. So how many of you use the social media / networking sites through smartphones ? A recent 2011 stats about social networking sites used via Smartphones says that, 66% time spent on the smartphone is on apps and 44% of smartphone users visit social network sites.

Before we get into the article, here are some numbers.

58% of people who downloaded apps used the Facebook app
39% used the Google Maps app
19% used the Google search app
18% usee the Twitter app
5% used the Yelp app
5% used the Foursquare app

Today we got some popular social apps for your smartphone. Every body uses it daily and manufacturers these days bring the social apps built in, so here is a list of must have apps for social media enthusiasts.

Some of the below services are too popular, so I don’t need to explain them to y’all. Remaining apps will be covered in detail.


Facebook app, amazing UI and you can access everything with a nice interactive interface using facebook app for iPhone and android. Only drawback is that, you can delete a post or comment that you’ve made from the mobile app. Otherwise, you can access anything like in desktop interface.


The default twitter for Android and iPhone is best. But, if you prefer some other third party apps that are good for twitter, then try Tweetcaster (I use it as my primary twitter client), if your smartphone has lot of space and RAM then try tweetdeck (eat lots of space and power). For iPhone you can try Tweetbot, etc.


Useful app for employers, HR people who are seeking out professionals. LinkedIn groups and lot of social activities.


Recent social network from Google, lot of engaging aspects such as hangouts, games, so much fun elements. Try out the Google+ app on your smartphone, you will love it.


Foursquare – let your friends know where you’re and use Foursquare places to checkin, create new places, one of the best crowd-sourcing platform to find out new places, restaurants, cinema theaters and what not ? Just switch on your GPS and use foursquare to find places near you. Add tips about the places, photos so it will be helpful for other users who visit that place. A beautiful crowd sourcing platform which has lot of users. I bet, you will become a foursquare addict.


A smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love. The above mentioned apps can be accessed or send updates to all other social networks using this single app – Path. You can share your thoughts, the currently playing music, integrate foursquare, tell your friends where you are, who you’re with, when you wake and when you sleep, and beautiful high quality photos and videos. Beautifully integrate Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Facebook.


Blog on the go!

There is a new network ‘ image bulletin board ‘ called Pinterest, rising up so quick among people. Next post, we will deal with Smartphone apps to access Pinterest. Pinterest for Android, iPhone and iPad.

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