5 Websites Convert Text to Speech Online Free


Converting a piece of text into audio text message or speech can be converted easily using online tools for free. When technology offers interesting alternatives for people, we people should reap all its benefits. It might not be very useful for many, but for blind people or old age with some difficulty to read large piece of text, then these tools help them to convert the text to audio messages.

For Windows, the Microsoft Sam, Text to Speech can be accessible built in with PC. Apart from the visually challenged people, these text to speech online softwares can be put to greater use for memorzing the exam notes for school students and exteremly useful at exam times. Just memorize the text contents by converting them into audio speech and put them in your iPod. It gets into your head similar to a music song.


This abc2mp3 service offers you to convert your document into mp3 format. You can upload any document such as MS word, Notepad text, PDF, HTML, Website address, RSS Feed etc. Once you input the file, select the reader. It has wide variety of readers that can read english documents. Finally listen to the selected document online.


Festvox is one of the simplest service to use. No login, no registration etc. Just enter the text, select the voice, audio format (wav). Click synthesize. That’s it. You get the direct link to download.


We had already talked about Vozme here. Click this link to read the full review of Vozme

Spoken Text

Convert text into Speech. Supports PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, and web pages. Download the converted recording file in mp3 or audio book format. English, french, spanish and german languages supported. Use their browser extensions for making your job quick easy.


As you all know about this popular online conversion website that converts files from any format to another. Just upload the document, select the format to be converted and enter your email address. Get the download link of the converted format in your inbox. Simple and most popular online service.

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  1. Prashant says:

    Superb Article, One of my colleagues is visually impaired, Most of these tools would be of great use to him :)

  2. John @ Hanging Hyena.com says:

    For those willing to learn a little python who own an Android phone….

    Check out the SL4A toolkit from google – there is a text to speach feature embedded in it. I think one of the examples in the kit uses it. You compose a string (list of the words you want it to speak) and feed it into the API. It does require the phone to be connected to the internet but works quickly if it is.

    I used this on date night with my wife – set up a list of cheesy pickup lines and had the phone play a couple of them. Rather amusing…

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