5 Pinterest Clones – Exact Copy of Pinterest Website


Recently, we have been writing alot of Pinterest related articles such as Pinterest WordPress plugins, Pinterest web apps, Pinterest android apps, etc. Today we got the famous Pinterest Clones. Pinterest a image bulletin board which allows us to Pin whatever that interest us around the web. So this widely growing social platform on the web now has similar clones in different names. It’s because once the service starts growing, the competitors are implanted on the market. I don’t say that Pinterest itself is a original idea, IMO it’s a mix of tumblr viral images with a unique designer touch. Let’s check out some of the Pinterest Clones that are quite doing well.


Pinspire – based on the inspirations, the exact copy of Pinterest. The name, interface and options are very close to Pinterest. You can do similar actions like in Pinterest. Pin images, organize virtual pinboards, etc.


The chinese counterpart created a Pinterest clone called Pin Fun. I wonder sometimes, do chinese friends leave anything to be original ? They have already copied many major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Pinterest is no exception to the rule. The copy is called here Pinfun and uses exactly the same mechanics. Well, this is not the only eh, there’s already a dozen copies identified in China.


LOL at their tag line. Manteresting – Interesting Man Things ( above it says, Invites are lame! Get started today) indirectly points out Pinterest who has invites only entry at the beginning. Manteresting is a social bookmarking website where you can bookmark interesting things and share it with the community. You can pin it, allowing you to not only organize and store your favorite pictures, but the ability to share them with all of your friends as well.


Pinderful is a not a service like Pinterest. With Pinderful you can create your own Pinterest Clone. From the cogzidel technologies who develops lot of clone softwares and sell them for a price. Here is a Pinterest clone from them named Pinderful. You can create your own Pinterest site and it can become the next big thing.

There are dozens more, So if you have come across any Pinterest clone, you can share with us through comments. We would love to add them up here in the list.

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  1. Kannan says:

    Thanks for sharing PINDERFUL in your blog post.
    We would like to let you know that a small typo error in the Pinderful section:
    “From the cozidel technologies who develops…” – The company name is Cogzidel Technologies and not cozidel technologies.

  2. Russell says:

    Pinterest Clone – The best pinterest clone script on the net. http://www.pinterestclones.com/

  3. Nayana Rastogi says:

    Add http://www.3mik.com – A pinterest for India

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