4 Apps Like Instagram for Blackberry Phones


Hey Instagram, you’ve been so nice. After the popular iOS platform, you had a great response when you launched for Android users. What’s up next ? Blackberry ? Show love to the big blackberry boys. Few days back we told about apps like Instagram for Windows Phone 7 device, today we got apps which are similar to Instagram for Blackberry phones (check out the Blackberry Photo editor apps). The big blackberry boys, the only advantage is of email messaging and no fancy apps. If you find your blackberry phone with a good camera quality, here are few apps that can add few more filter to your images.


Instaphoto for blackberry which has 25 photo filter effects and gives you the best instagram like photo experience on your blackberry. Some of the popular effects includes tilt shift, 1962, Black and white, Gothi, HUD, Polaroid, SLR, custom borders, color effects, grunge textures and decorative frames. You can also share it with your Facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.

Just install and you can use the app with a pre existing photos or take a snap right away , add filters to it. You can use the camera option to take photos right with in the app. All images are saved to custom gallery folder. Simple controls and any one can use it.


Molome is similar to Instagram, has 14 filter effects and own set of unique presets. You can view whats popular on Molome, like others pic etc. You earn badges, follow and view friends photos, know whats popular, love and comment on photos. It’s actually a cross platform photo sharing app that is quite popular. Give it a try !


You must have OS 6.1 or higher to make BibblyCam work on your blackberry devices. It has amazing 14 filters such as Lomo, Old Photo, and Sunshine. Once you’ve logged in, you can follow the bibbycam community where you can see other people pic, comment, like etc. You can share your photos to Facebook ,twitter etc. Totally free.


Pixtrix has pre defined and beautiful 15 photographic filters to add it to your pictures. You can make adjustments to the filters such as brightness, color saturation, contrast etc. If you have linked your facebook profile to the app, you can upload the photos directly, else you can save it a custom gallery folder in your phone.

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