10 Web Apps to View Instagram Photos on Web


There are lot of apps to view your Instagram photos on the web interface. By default, Instagram doesn’t provide you a photo gallery of neither your Instagram photos nor popular pictures on the Instagram. So web apps like Extragram allows you to view your Instagram photos on web interface. Today we have got some 10 similar apps to view your Instagram photos in web interface.

In the below list, some can be used for viewing Instagram photos as picture gallery, some are services related to Instagram such as printing your instagram photos, turning your instagram photos into post cards, fridge magnets etc. Let’s check out the list.


Instagrid allows you to create a photo gallery of your Instagram photos and showcase it in a beautiful grid format. People can subscribe to your gallery and get updates. You can even invite people who don’t use Instagram to subscribe to your feed via email. Instantly create a gallery of all the photos tagged with a specific #hashtag. Easiest way to keep track of photos. For eg : #dog #cat etc.


Instawar – from the name you can easily guess it. War* – picture competition between Instagram photos. Photos are randomly paired and you choose the better ones as you browse. If you find a good pair, unite the images into one. With one click you can post the paired photos to tumblr blog.


Instaprint is a wireless photo printer for Instagram. It prints Instagram photos based on the location photo booth. Its a small printer device that prints Instagram photos that are taken in particular location or with a hashtag. Connects using WiFi with Instagram and print photo moments.


Instagoodies prints stickers of your Instagram photos. The pack contains 90 stickers of your selected instagram photos and costs 14$. If you choose just 3 photos from your instagram, then only 3 photos will be repeatedly printed into 90 stickers.


Instamaker, not only restricts itself to one thing. You can print your instagram photos in t-shirts, coffee mugs, post cards etc. Check out the cool stuff.


Few days back reviewed about Stickygram. Cool app that lets you to create fridge magnets using your Instagram photos. Check out the review here.


As the name suggests, Print your instagram photos into memory box, t-shirts, tinybook, mini prints, mini books, posters stickers etc.


Send postcards using photos from Instagram. With Postagram iPhone or Android app, you can directly send postcards using Instagram photos.


Perfect web gallery for Instagram photos. Put the Instagram user’s name into the search window. Press the enter key. That’s it!!


Import Instagram photos using their imagesnap importer, using the photos then printed tiles of gifts, decorations, t-shirts etc.

Bonus : Gramfeed

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