Url2Pin : Make a Screenshot of Your Website and Send It To Pinterest


As you all know Pinterest is growing at an astonishing rate and since the begining of 2012, the average daily visitors to pinterest has gone up 145% more and there are more female users than male who uses pinterest. Wondering what is Pinterest ? Let me quickly explain it. It is like a visual bulletin board for the web. It groups your interest and ideas together on a board of users page. You can follow other users board and their interest. If you find something interesting on the web, you can just pin it on your board tagging them. You can find pins based on subject, topic or theme. If you find other pins interesting, repin it. that’s it all about!

Brands are having a joyful ride on Pinterest and it creates a new leading referral traffic generator for brands and websites. If suppose a website of yours is pinned and it may get a huge number of repins, as 80% on the pinterest are repins.

So here is a quick way to pin your website on Pinterest. There is a tool named URL2PIN which actually takes a screenshot of your website and pins to your pinterest account automatically. Just enter the URL of your website or any website which you would like to pin, it generates a screenshot of the homepage and pins it to your pinterest account.

Url2pin is a free tool to help you share your websites on Pinterest. With url2pin you can share a screenshot of your website and not just a single image. You can also upload your own screenshot image from your computer. As of feb 2012, there are more than 10.4 million users on Pinterest and are waiting for you on Pins.


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