Upload Facebook Photos to Dropbox When Someone Tags You


Once again we have a ifttt recipe that seems to be useful and interesting. Wondering about what is ifttt ? ‘Ifttt’ (“if this then that”) which is basically a simple task creator with online apps. To understand quickly let me give an example : If a photo is uploaded to Flickr (THIS) then a link to it will also be sent out as a tweet (THAT). So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task. You can create your own recipe or use any pre-defined recipes from the box.

Today we got a useful ifttt recipe that uploads every tagged photo of yours in Facebook to your dropbox account. Every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, it will be sent to Dropbox. Pretty useful no ? At some point of time we might have thought that if there is a app for this action then it would be simply great, now you don’t have to worry. Use this ifttt recipe to get the work done.

With this simple trick, you always have a good collection photos where you appear (ideal for events such as birthdays or weddings). Also later, we will see how to backup your entire facebook photo album to dropbox. Now check out how to get this app work for you.

1. Go to the ifttt (if this then that) recipe link. (if you haven’t signedup yet, sign up for free)

2. Here the trigger is If you’re tagged in Facebook(this) THEN upload it to dropbox (that). Calls for action!

3. Once you’re in the ifttt recipe page. You need to authorize your Facebook & dropbox account.

4. Now allow it to access your profiles. use the Activate button on the page.

5. Once that is done, jump to the settings panel.

6. The process goes this way – it will download a file at a given URL and add it to your Dropbox at the path you specify. maximum a photo can have only 30 mb limit.

7. For the first setting ‘Image source URL’ – select the Photo source URL from the drop down on your right side, this will save the original size of the image from Facebook to dropbox. Check the below screenshot for reference.

8. Now select the dropbox folder which you need to upload. Select the uploaded by option, so that it gets saved in the name of the user who uploaded the photo.

Try the ifttt recipe ‘ Facebook Tagged Photos to Dropbox ‘

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