Transfer Files in Android without Data cable using WiFi


Few days back we told you about Android manager agent on How to sync android to PC using a Wifi, today we got similar kind of app that allows you to transfer files from android to PC without using a datacable. Yes, now cableless transfer files in android to PC using WiFi connection. At times like searching for your data cable to connect your android phone to PC, this android app comes handy to access files, drag and drop them to your PC using WiFi and do not need any data cable to connect, mount the SD card, unmount process and etc.

Software Data Cable android app lets us transfer data using Wi-Fi. You can transfer your docs, music files, photos from your android to PC and vice versa with out any data cable connected. Purely using WiFi connection. Just install this app, it displays a FTP address, enter them in you file manager in PC and that’s it. It gets connected and all your files are displayed in the file manager, you can download or upload to them to see the files in your android device.

Let’s check out how to use the Software Data Cable app : Step by step instructions.

1. Download and Install Software Data Cable app

2. Once you’ve installed, open it.

3. You can see options to Start, Stop, Settings of the app.

4. On the top you can see ‘File manager’ option, it displays all the files and folders in your android device.

5. Now make sure both the PC and your android device are connected to the Same WiFi network connection.

6. Click the Start button in your software data cable app.

7. You can see the FTP address being displayed in the app screen.

8. Enter the FTP address in your PC’s file explorer window. Simply open my computer and on the address bar where it says my computer or c:/ – erase it and write down the FTP address. hit enter.

9. Now all your files in your android device are displayed in your Computer. You can copy, delete, upload new files from your PC to your android device.

10. This works completely without data cable. Just make sure both the PC and Android device are connected to the same WiFi network.

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