Tips on How to Clean LCD Monitor Screen, Keyboard, Mouse and CPU


It’s been long time since I wrote general computer tips. Today I am going to share few points on How to clean your computer and keep it neat. The one thing that we don’t do it at all. Suddenly open your CPU and you could see lot of dust and dirt around it hiding your hard disk, fan, board etc. Same way on the monitor screens, between keyboard keys, bottom of the mouse etc. Here are some few tips that I love to share with you.

When Cleaning your LCD monitor screens, one should be very careful.

Do not press hard on them because they can burn the pixels.

How to clean ? Turn off the monitor, take a dry microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen. Make sure you round the corners because usually it deposits in the corner easily.

If the screen has abundant accumulation of stains, wet the cloth with a 50-50 mixture of water and white vinegar (preferably use distilled water instead of tap water, as this is likely to leave white spots on the screen of the salt or other deposits).

Always use a smooth cloth, do not use any type of papers or tissues as they may cause scratches on the monitor.

Also do not spray any liquid directly on the monitor, this isn’t like your ordinary mirror. Just spray the liquid first in the dry cloth and then wipe it on the screen.

When Cleaning keyboard – You need small vacuum cleaner type of gadget which is available for 2$, cotton earbuds, tooth brush. Now remove your keyboard before you start cleaning.

Blow the air between the keys and dip the cotton earbud with alcohol to remove oil, dirt, and germs between the keys. Just using the tooth brush gently rub over the keyboard keys and the gaps between them.

When Cleaning mouse, disconnect them and use a empty dry cloth to clean the bottom and side surfaces.

Cleaning the CPU has a separate guide. You need tiny vacuum cleaner/ compressed air, soft cloth. Disconnect your CPU and take it down the floor. Remove the panel case and make sure you keep all the screws safe because you need to reattach it safely.

Vacuum all cooling slots. Do not use compressed air on these openings, as it moves large amounts of dust inside the CPU, which is similar to pouring fine sand into the processor.

Wipe down the casing with a soft cloth which is slightly dipped with a computer cleaning fluid or plain water. Don’t use too much water, just a 50/50 ration will be fine.

You can use tooth brush, cotton earbuds to clean the dust from narrow paths inside the CPU.

So, how often should you clean your computer ? If you’re in a home enviornment with cat/dogs around the home and you smoke next to your computer and more than one person uses computer, then every 4 months you should clean your computer system. If it is in office enviornment, then every 8 months it should be cleaned.

Hope these computer cleaning tips will help you alot. Always keep your computer clean, Only when your computer & its surrounding is clean, you get nice feeling to work on it.

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