Send Pics to Multiple Share Services on Android with Andmade Share app


Suppose if you want to share a picture on twitter, facebook, posterous, foursquare at one single click, then you need this app which allows you to share items with multiple apps at once. You don’t have to send separately each time. Just mark multiple services at once when sharing an item.

Andmade share app for android allows you to share items with multiple services at once. It makes sharing simpler and easier. It replaces the share menu list. Once you’ve installed the app, make sure you select the Andmade share app as default share menu list on the first use.

Features of Andmade Share app for Android :

  • Share to Multiple Applications at a time: use checkboxes – tap one of checkboxed elements.
  • Reorder List: long tap – drag the element up or down.
  • Hide unused elements from the list – enable some checkboxes and press button hide.
  • Fast share to Evernote.
  • Set the default email address to which your emails will be sent.

The one main feature of this app is Multiple share, you can share to multiple applications at a time. Select some checkboxes and then tap on one of the elements or share button. As said above, long click an item and drag it to any place in the list.

It has Fast share – fast share to some apps like Ever note. Those apps are marked with lightining icon.

When sharing email option, you can set the default email id using the settings option. So when you click multiple items such as email, then a copy of the file which you selected will be emailed automatically.

Download Andmade share app

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