Send Hello Tweet to Your New Twitter Followers Automatically


On the previous post we had told you about Sending Tweets to Google+ profile, this time its something related to engaging with your twitter followers. With the twitter’s new interface, you can easily find out if some new person has followed you. So how about greeting them with a warm hello welcome message. One of the best untold secret to engage with your twitter followers is to start the conversation. Let it be you who start the conversation first.

If you’re some twitter celebrity who get lots of new followers every hour or day, then you cannot start the conversation everytime. So how about assigning the task to someone else. Yes, ifttt recipe does the job pretty well without any hassle. It sends out a tweet of your choice, let it say a simple ‘hello’. So if this then that (ifttt) – If (this) a new follower, (then) send a hello tweet (that).

It’s so simple. Just get to the ifttt recipe and authenticate your twitter account. Once that is done, jump to the settings and configure the welcome message. Finally create the task.

So every time you get a new follower, it sends out a new tweet / welcome message to the follower.

ifttt recipe : Greet new twitter follower.

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