Save Foursquare Check-in Photo to Facebook Album Automatically


Previously we had told you about a internet service called ‘Ifttt’ (“if this then that”) which is basically a simple task creator with online apps. To understand quickly let me give an example : If a photo is uploaded to Flickr (THIS) then a link to it will also be sent out as a tweet (THAT). So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task.

On the past we had wrote about how to send your Facebook status update into a new Tumblr blog post. So every one you update your facebook status message, it will create a new tumblr blog post. Similarly today we are going to see how to save all your Foursquare checkin photos to Facebook photo album.

This task does a simple job. When you checkin foursquare, if you use the photo option to checkin with a photo, then the photo you take will be automatically saved as a photo in your Facebook photo album.

Now by default, with the new version of Foursquare, if you checkin with a photo, then it adds that photo to Facebook, if you have connected your foursquare account to your Facebook account.

ifttt recipe ‘Send Foursquare check-in photo to Facebook’ allows you to send new foursquare check-in with photo to facebook new photo uploads. So as usual, go to the ifttt recipe page, authorize your Foursquare and Facebook profiles. Allow it to access your accounts and once that is done, jump to settings panel below the page.

Here ifttt (if this then that) – IF you checkin foursquare with THIS photo THEN upload THAT photo to facebook. Once you’ve authorized both your accounts with ifttt, configure with the settings. Settings has 3 options to configure your foursquare checkin photos to Facebook. Now you need to enter things such as what should be the image source URL from foursquare, what should be the album name, photo description etc. Check out the settings image below to setup the same one for your accounts.

The photo URL should be the same foursquare photo source URL, the message should be the Venue name, example : If you checkin foursquare and it says ‘I’m at office’ so this will be the photo message at facebook upload. You change this to shout out in foursquare. Next thing is the Facebook album name, make it to Checkin date, so it uploads photos to facebook with correct dates.

As said above, the new version of foursquare automatically uploads the foursquare checkin photos to your facebook when you checkin, but it doesn’t have these much options to organize, it updates all the photos in single folder.

Check out ifttt recipe to Send Foursquare check-in photo to Facebook.

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