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You can add a Pinterest button to tumblr to post the tumblr blog stuff to Pinterest and pin it, but here is a method to sync your pinterest account with tumblr, so that every time you pin something on your pinterest board or pin something to specific category on Pinterest, it will automatically send that pinterest photos to your tumblr blog and post it as a new photo blog post. How cool is that ? If you’re a heavy tumblr user and want to sync both your pinterest and tumblr together, here is way.

Previously we had told you about how fast the pinterest is growing and how to make a screenshot of your website and pin it to the pinterest board easily with a simple web app URL2Pin, now today we are going to see how to send your pinterest pins that you post to tumblr blog automatically. By following the tutorial below, you will sync your Pinterest account with Tumblr. You can do it easily with the Tumblr rss feed.

Already we discussed about creating a Auto blog with tumblr by using the RSS feed of the blog to send the blog post automatically to tumblr blog. Similary today we are going to use the same method to grab the RSS feed of your pinterest profile or pinterest board and send that to Tumblr as a new blog post everytime you pin something on Pinterest.

RSSImportr is a simple web app that allows us to grab the RSS feed and post it to tumblr automatically. It has 100 post per day limitation, but most people don’t exceed the limit and it is maximum enough for a power user. So it means, you can pin 100 stuff on your pinterest board per day, so it automatically syncs all the 100 post to Tumblr blog as a new post. Follow the steps below :

1. Go to and click Login

2. Allow your tumblr blog to authenticate/

3. Click Get Started button.

4. Now enter your Pinterest RSS feed.

5. You can here enter 2 types of RSS feed from Pinterest. Decide whether you need the User profile or any particular Pinterest board to send tumblr as blog post. If you want the whole profile, then find the Pinterest RSS feed to be like this :

If you want specific Pinterest board then the RSS feed will be like this below : (here things for my wall is the board name)

6. Enter the RSS feed and set up the whole thing in just one click. That’s it.

7. If you change the address of your tumblr blog and the name of the user boards or Pinterest and this configuration will not help you, you should do it again with the new changes.

You can also send Facebook Status update to Tumblr automatically. Just type your facebook status update, sends to tumblr by creating a blog post automatically.

Check out the Pinterest WordPress Plugin, You can Pin inside WordPress blog post!

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