Remove Old Browser Versions of Google Chrome and Free up Disk Space


When you have updated to the latest version of Chrome, then old version becomes obsolete and eats some disk space. How to remove the old version ? You cannot directly delete the old version by going to the installation folder, because you might not know which files are associated to the current version and finally you may end up screwing the whole installation setup. So how to remove, delete the old versions of Chrome safely ? You can use this small app does the job well.

Old Chrome Remover is a simple console app that checks for any old versions of chrome that has no uses with the new latest version that you’re currently using and It will quickly remove all except the newest version, allowing you to free up valuable disk space. OldChromeRemover also supports Chrome ‘Canary’ builds. This tool is for Windows users only.

Apart from the high memory usage of Chrome, it also takes huge space in your hard disk. Suppose if IE / Firefox takes 10 MB, chrome takes around 200 MB. When it releases the silent new updates, it also accumulates files from earlier versions. So freeing up unwanted versions of Chrome from hard disk will allow you to gain some disk space.

In Windows Vista / Windows 7 users should use “Run as Administrator”, Old Chrome Remover needs .NET 3.5 to work smoothly. Do not use if you have multiple Chrome channels installed simultaneously. You can run silent with the command “/ AUTO”, this will do the scan, detect and remove the files automatically and then exit the program.

Download Old Chrome Remover (direct exe link)

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  1. elfsn says:

    Just uninstall the old version and then install the new one.

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