Real Time Website Monitoring Mobile Apps Using iPhone, iPad


Every one who owns a website would love to check the hit counter of their websites and find to know how well their website is doing around. So one of the popular traffic analytics tool Google analytics offers real time monitoring of websites. Not only Google analytics, there are tons of web traffic monitoring software and real time website monitoring apps that does the job pretty well. But all these apps are only best viewed in the web interface and none has a good equivalent mobile apps to check real time website traffic monitoring.

LiveStats is a simple mobile app that allows you to check real time website traffic monitoring from your iPad device. With its gorgeous user interface, you can track your website visitors in real time, find out the pages which they’re viewing from which part of the world using which browser, OS and more.

LiveStats is a paid app and you need Gosquared account to use this. First register an account with GoSquared and use Livestats on your iPad to monitor website traffic real time. You can also import gosquared user databases and if you want, you can connect it through Apple Air play or HDMI cable to the large TV Screen.

  • View visitors in realtime on a world view map.
  • Preview pages your users are currently viewing.
  • Popular pages in realtime.
  • Graphs: current visitors today/yesterday, pages per visit,
  • Analyze individual visitor profile: browser, operating system, page history.

Once you’ve started monitoring the real time website traffic, you can check the current number of visitors on a specific page and compare previous day’s traffic to current traffic and also find from where the traffic arrives to your site. Each visitor shows up a pin on a world map. When you can zoom in, you find more details about their OS, browser used, IP address etc.

LiveStats for iPad

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